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So first off, when you make a new page, click on on the Blank Page format. After you add the title, click add a page. Make sure the spelling of the slang is correct, and direct like "OMG" not "Oh Em Gee" or anything like that, and don't add punctutions.

So have fun and happy editing!

-Anakin Skyobiliviator

As with any wiki, the title goes here,


Here you can put the definition of the slang, not the literal meaning.


How was this slang created?

Country Of OriginEdit

Which country first use the slang, example: Unknown, begin due to start of texting as it became popular.


Use the slang in a sentence.

Literal DefinitionEdit

What is an actual meaning of the word?

Related LinksEdit

What other slangs are related to the word you picked? Linked it to the aritcle with the matching name! It there isn't any, feel free to add a page about it! And please use the bullet list type.